To perspective parents considering services though Danni Verona:

Our four and 1/2 year old son Mason has sensory integration and characteristics of both Aspergers Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He began seeing Danni in April 2005.

It is truly difficult to describe in words the impact that Danni has had on our lives. Not just Mason’s life, but our family as a whole. From the beginning, Danni was able to identify Mason’s needs and focus her efforts towards addressing them in a manner that was most favorable and conducive to his unique learning style. Mason has taken tremendous strides and has overcome so many of his idiosyncrasies. There is no doubt that Mason’s progress is the direct result of Danni’s work ethic, inspiration, most importantly the compassion and dedication to understanding Mason. She is extremely knowledgeable about the field of occupational therapy and has gone to great lengths to understand Mason’s needs and treat them accordingly.

Danni has consistently worked with us to make sure that we are familiar with some methods to continue with Mason’s therapy at home. Her support, guidance, and recommendations were always welcomed. It soon became apparent, based on the feedback and advice that she provided to us, that her attention to detail was exceptional. It was also apparent that she was cognizant of Mason’s strengths and limitations.

Danni assisted us with school district meetings concerning Mason’s continued therapy and was instrumental in ensuring that his best interest was the number one priority. Danni also had meetings with Mason’s preschool director on his behalf. She didn’t attend these meetings because she had to, she attended the meetings because she truly cares about our child and likes us, wants to see that he receives the level of assistance that is most appropriate for him.

The extent of Mason’s development over the past year is directly attributable to Danni’s perception and subsequent treatment of his specific needs. I cannot stress enough how blessed we have been to have had the opportunity to work with Danni and to have her give so much to out son and family. Mason has come so far with Danni, and I know that he, most of all, will miss her, and that is saying a lot because she will truly be missed by us more than she probably knows.

In closing, I think it goes without saying that Danni comes with our highest recommendation, and we wish her the very best in her future endeavors. It you chose to have Danni as your child’s occupational therapist, you will be making one of the best decisions that you possibly could for your child.


Todd and Karena Brown