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Parenting Tools

The “Reflective Exploration of Parenting Interactions Tool” REPIT ™ is an opportunity to explore your role as parent in dealing with your child’s challenging behaviors. This unique dialogue systematically gives parents access to their unconscious thought patterns regarding their beliefs and interpretations of the child’s behaviors. Once discovering how your thoughts and reactions are contributing to the dynamic of negative interactions, a new plan of action is established that allows the entire family to feel that progress is possible. And the best news is, the plan won’t feel like hard work at all , because the process of enlightening to your own thoughts unlocks possibilities that weren’t there before.

 We have all experienced the frustration of being stuck in the cycle of reacting poorly to our child’s negative behaviors and knowing that they will likely occur again because of the way we handled the situation. Or maybe we are staying calm and doing all the “right” things and yet the behavior continues and frustration grows! We seek advice, read books on parenting, promise to do it better next time and then find ourselves triggered into sometimes behaving as poorly as our kids.

Using the REPIT parents shine the light on thoughts they didn’t even know they had that are creating a vicious cycle of frustration and upset. Give Danni a call to set up a phone consultation, the whole process can be done over the phone! And get started on bringing peace back into your home.

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