I’m so thankful for the referral we received and that we met you when we did.  Receiving Myiah’s diagnosis was extremely painful and hard to absorb.  Having you already in place for Myiah’s OT was such a blessing as not only were you already helping Myiah reach new goals, but you helped us cope with the news and provided us with additional resources to help us with the diagnosis.  You truly helped our family work through a very challenging time.  I always appreciate your words of wisdom and strength.  You are an amazing woman full of intelligence.  I truly believe that God places certain people in your lives for a reason and I’m so very thankful that He placed you in our lives when he did.  We will forever be grateful for the goals you have helped us all achieve and for the progress Myiah has made!  She has already came leaps and bounds from where she was when we first started seeing you; we are so excited to see the continued progress from here!

I felt a connection with you the very first day I met you and better yet, Myiah made a connection with you too!  You are a perfect fit to the team we have created to help Myiah achieve ultimate results.  There are many, many things that draw us to you.  Reflecting back to our initial appointment, I not only loved your personality and demeanor, but I really liked your working environment!  It was inviting,  organized, and clean and you were friendly and easy to talk to.  I appreciate that I can communicate with you outside of our therapy visits.  I enjoy e-mailing you with questions or  progress updates to get additional comments and feedback from you.  We are also appreciative and grateful that when and if needed you will contact Myiah’s doctors to get additional information to help us with our game plan.  You do so many things, little and big, to show us that you care.  I love that you offer us different things to try out so that we aren’t running to the store constantly buying new things that may or may not help Myiah reach her goals and I especially enjoy the way you light up when Myiah achieves a new goal.  It’s nice to share the victory with you.  We get so excited about her success that often times we can’t wait to see you again to show her off. 

We can’t possibly express our gratitude for who you are and how you have helped our daughter and our family.  You are so much more than just a therapist, you have became a friend to our family.  Myiah has seen many therapists in various fields, but none of them have touched our hearts the way you do.  You stand out amongst the other therapists because not only do you have the knowledge, the skills, and the expertise to do your job and do it well, but you have a heart of gold.  Your warm, caring and gentle nature mixed with your endearing personality make you an ideal therapist!  You aren’t just a therapist doing a job; you are woman who enjoys helping others.  Your compassion and love for your career is transparent and not only is that nice to see, but I believe it also contributes to the success of your patients.  No matter what age you are, you are more likely to succeed if you are surrounded by people who care about you and believe in you and you offer both of these qualities for your patients.

It’s amazing how much you have impacted not only Myiah’s life, but our lives as well.  Our family completely ADORES you beyond words!  You have went above and beyond any expectations that we may have had of you being Myiah’s therapist to the point that it makes it hard for us to find anyone even comparable to you! If we had our choice, we would see you for everything:  speech therapy, physical therapy, behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, etc.   We enjoy working with you because we can feel you working hard with us.  None of us are saying Myiah has Rett Syndrome and that’s that….we are all working together to give her the best quality of life.  We love that you are always thinking of how to help Myiah continue her progress and believing in her beyond the scientific statistics of what girls with Rett Syndrome are able to do and not do.

You have helped our family in so many different ways.  We will forever be thankful for your involvement and participation in our lives.  You have made such a contribution to Myiah’s continued progress and for that we will always be thankful for who you are and what you do for a living!  You are a blessing to our family; a God send for sure!  We sincerely thank you for being you!



The Lowry’s