June 14, 2006

To Parents searching for an occupational therapist:

My little girl, Kylie, is developmentally delayed in her verbal expression, her cognition and comprehension and her fine and gross motor skills. She started seeing Danni Verona when she was 2 1/2 years old and has worked with her every week for a year. Finding out that your baby needs therapy of all sorts (speech, occupational, physical) is a very scary experience and something that you just sort of leap into and take one day at a time. After experiencing these therapies and special ed pre-school, I have learned a great deal about how to help my little girl by finding therapists that bring out the best in her and maximize her potential. Danni Verona is an excellent therapist who has done that for Kylie.

Danni was always warm and loving to my baby girl. She really took the time to know my baby and what motivated her. Kylie was very comfortable with her. Kylie would work harder for Danni without getting upset. I have worked with other therapist that kind of go through the motion in the activities they would do with my child without really getting specific. Danni is very thorough and would pay close attention to the little details. She always gave me lots of feedback. Danni always explained the activities Kylie did in therapy, and she really helped me to understand Kylie’s though process and behaviors. Danni would also regularly give me assignments to work on at home, which I don’t get from some of the other therapists without pushing them for it. She answered all my questions and personally cared about Kylie and our family.

I found Danni to be very knowledgeable of her profession as well as other therapy disciplines. Her suggestions and advice have been very helpful, and Kylie has made more progress with Danni than she has with any other therapist to date. For example, Kylie worked with her teachers at her special ed pre-school every day for over a month on eating with a spoon and didn’t make much progress until Danni worked with her during 2 therapy sessions. After those 2 sessions, she was feeding herself applesauce with minimal help.

I trusted Danni completely with my baby girl, and Kylie and I will really miss working with her. I would highly recommend her as a therapist for anyone’s child. She is awesome and we love her!


Dani Richmond